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Expert advice: caring for your tuxedo

Expert advice: caring for your tuxedo

You don't take your tuxedo out of the closet as often as your business suits, but when you do, it's to assert your style with the ultimate formal outfit.Follow our advice to keep your tuxedo impeccable, in all circumstances.

There are rare things that you invest in once in a lifetime that need to be maintained regularly, such as your vintage car, which you lovingly hand clean on weekends, or this top watch. range that you keep in a box for special occasions.Your favorite tuxedo is no exception.So, how do you take care of it, once you've chosen it, to keep it in the best possible condition?


Always store your tuxedo in a breathable cotton suit cover, do not overdo dry cleaning, and use a clothes brush after each use.Also make sure that your wardrobe is well protected against moths.Nobody wants to have a tuxedo with holes!

First, invest in a quality fabric costume bag to protect it.If you don't wear it regularly, the last thing you want is for it to catch dust in your wardrobe when you're not wearing it.

Second, never use metal hangers, use strong wooden ones with shoulder support to maintain its shape during times when you are not wearing it.


As the name suggests, dress shoes are made to be worn with a chic outfit.Those in patent leather are a safe bet.You can also go for the patent leather shoes, but they can break up the elegant silhouette of the pants, which will be more noticeable because of the silk trims running from the hips to the bottom of the legs.Polish is also easier to maintain, but if you'd rather go with something else, then use shoe polish to make the shoes shine as bright as possible.For all dress shoes, be sure to use a shoe horn, which you can easily find anywhere.Avoid metal ones, they can cause small cuts on the leather, which will only get bigger over time.

To polish your shoes, use a neutral care cream before applying a light coat of black shoe polish.And I insist on the word “light”.After the coat is applied, be sure to use a soft cloth to scrub completely, then spend five minutes (and a lot of elbow grease) buffing the shoes with a medium shoe brush.Do not hesitate to apply a drop of champagne (yes, really) to make them shine even more.


Dyers are great for this, but if you want to take care of it yourself, know that the contrast between the silk lapels and the black wool of your tuxedo is the part of the suit that stands out the most.So if the lapels are wrinkled and hang down instead of being pressed tightly against the front panels of your costume, it will minimize the “James Bond” effect.The rest of the costume is made from a lightly draped fabric, and if it is all crumpled up because it is not well ironed, you will look more like you have worn it all night rather than wearing it. wear for a night out.


Store your bow ties and tuxedo belts in airtight vacuum bags to avoid wrinkles and exposure to the natural elements.It might sound like overkill, but you'll thank me when you pick up your bow tie a few hours before a party where formal wear is required.

Do not roll up your bow tie otherwise it will be bent.Store it flat.As for cufflinks, make sure you have a silver (or gold) cloth in your closet to give them a quick polish the night before your night out.

Source: Hugo Boss Blog

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